Don Clinton was asked to pose as the model for the body of Christ. Models were sketched and projected onto this 15 foot wall which was built by Bob Johnson and his sons.  A great deal of mathematical skill was involved to insure life-like accuracy. Welders, David Goodwin and John Patty, volunteered their skills to create the framework. Bob’s vision of the face of Jesus Christ and the compassion which is shown was sketched to scale. Using donated foam allowed him to stack and glue, and carve to the likeness of his vision.

Billy Graham once said, “There are many forms of evangelism.” People from Mexico, Taiwan, Columbia, and from all over the United States have visited and worked in the Harness studio located behind his home on Ray Street in Carthage .

Emotions are captured and then details added to each section with the thought of it all coming together in one beautiful monument. This has driven many to take part in seeing this come to fruition.  Assembling the sections to make adjustments has also required much help from others. Over 100 people from all walks of life… church groups, organizations, or even friends gather together and have been graciously welcomed to assist, each inspired by the message this monument represents. In order to ensure accuracy along the way, Matt Buchanan brought his Tree Service trucks and workers to stack the puzzle pieces together.

School children have benefitted by being allowed to understand the concept of “Mold me and make me…” as they were invited to Harness’ shop to learn the techniques needed to create this monument and then have hands on experience which they never will forget.

Land has been generously donated by the Pippen Family on the corner of the Southwest Loop and Dixie Lake Road. Nestled in our East Texas pines, people from all over the world will be drawn to view words coming to life. God has provided for needed supplies as well. John Cain donated many materials for the construction. Trying to save money and needing more Styrofoam, even KGAS’s Swap Shop advertised and within minutes a response from local Matt Buchanan saved the day.  Maybe you have a skill or service which could be given to help complete the project.  From land clearing to landscaping, stone masonry and willing laborers, we not only need money, but participation in all phases to see the beauty of the Footprints in the Sand Monument come into being.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Beauty is its own excuse for being.” Each of us, should construct each day with the thought of the legacy we will be leaving the world for the next generation.

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